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BNP Paribas Ukraine

Company name: BNP Paribas
Public limited company with a capital of: 2,294,954,818 Euros
Commercial register [RCS]: Paris n° 662 042 449
Orias N°: 07 022 735
E.C. identifier: FR76662042449
Registered office: 16 boulevard des Italiens – 75 009 – Paris                 

Engaged in business on the territory of Ukraine through its branch:

NBU Banking Licencse: N°75 dated October 5, 2011
Included in the state register list of banks by N°57 dated October 28, 1991
USREOU code 09807750
Correspondent account in the National Bank of Ukraine UA483000010000032009102701026
Bank Code (MFO): 351005
Individual Tax Number: 098077520391
Main Office in Ukraine: 2/12 Andriivska street, Kyiv 04070, Ukraine

Legal representative: Laurent Philippe Nicolas Charles Dupuch, Chairman of the Management Board
Publication Director: Nataliia Dovhanishyna, Head of Brand and Communication Service
Website Manager: Artem Levkivskyi, Digital Communication Group Specialist

Technical developments: Beapi
Hosted by: Bearstech 

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Our Cookies policy.

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Data Protection Notice

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